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Richard Amedure announces rematch with Michelle Hinchey for senate

CATSKILL – Republican Richard Amedure announced Tuesday he would be seeking a rematch with Democratic state Sen. Michelle Hinchey in the race for state Senate.

In a campaign video and press announcement, Amedure, an Army veteran, retired state trooper and member of the Rensselaerville Planning Board, brings up national and state issues, saying New York is heading in the wrong direction.

“One party rule has been a disaster for New Yorkers – it’s time to restore checks and balances in our government," he said in a prepared statement. "We need to stop increasing taxes, particularly when inflation is at levels not seen in decades and our economy is still struggling to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s time to support our law enforcement officials, and restore strong, safe communities. It’s time to stop catering to New York City special interests and enact common-sense policies to stop the exodus of people from upstate New York."

Amedure asserts in his campaign video that his opponent, Hinchey, "continues to vote for New York City interests."

"We need someone reasonable, not radical," Amedure concludes in the video.

A spokesman for the Hinchey campaign responded to Amedure in a statement: “Two years ago, Michelle Hinchey promised to be a strong voice and advocate for upstate New York in the state Senate and she’s delivered – providing record funding for our schools, expanding broadband access, securing $1 billion in small business support and elevating the issues that matter most to our upstate residents," the statement says. "Instead of focusing on politics, Senator Hinchey remains committed to what really matters, fighting for common-sense solutions to lower costs and raise wages for people across our community."

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