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Richard Amedure has dedicated his life and career to protecting and serving our communities.


Rich served our nation in the military. For the past 30 years, Rich served as a state trooper. Along the way, he earned several distinctions for valor while on-duty and recently retired as First Vice President of the New York State Troopers Police Benevolent Association.


A longtime resident of Rensselaerville, Rich helped clean up rampant political corruption in the town and has served on its planning board for several years. Through this and his own efforts as the owner of a small farm, he’s gained a positive reputation for his efforts to preserve green space and maintain the local character of the town.


Richard Amedure is running for State Senate in the 46th District. 


Protecting our most vulnerable residents, promoting family farms, preserving the unique character of our small towns and communities, these are the things our state government should be focused on, but they’re not.


As a state trooper, he’s seen just how devastating the bail and discovery reform laws have been to our communities and to law enforcement. Rich brings these first-hand experiences to the Senate, so he can lead the fight to repeal these laws.


He also plans to use his experiences in local government to advocate on behalf of family farms, small businesses and close-knit local communities like the ones he’s called home his entire life. That means working with community stakeholders on responsible growth and the preservation of open space, advocating on behalf of family farms and small businesses in order to grow our economy, and acting as a strong voice against the downstate interests that harm our way of life.

Richard Amedure is defined by his public service record.

He will continue to look out for us and serve admirably as our next State Senator.


Support Rich Amedure!

Show your support with a donation, placing a lawn sign in your yard or by volunteering your time and help elect Rich to the NY State Senate this November.

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